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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Black Swan.

                    When I know that I am going to fall,why did I even bother to try?

                    Exactly!The pain.I thought that I can take away that pain.But it's just useless effort after all.I am stupid.I am not good enough.I am nothing.Worthless pieces of trash.

                    The black swan can never turn into a beautiful white swan no matter how long it wasted its time bathing in the water.

                    I cant see any other way to end this except seeing myself resting peacefully.Dead.Maybe I should try.Who knows if it's going to work?Die,I mean.

                   I am serious.Dont bother yourself to miss me.I am nothing.

Have a great journey captain.You had succesfully pulled your anchor and set the sail but you forgot your sailor who pulled it for you.How are you going to sail without your sailor?Alone by yourself?I wonder.I maybe a suck sailor but still you are the one who offered me the job.Fired me but dont left me.Still cannot get it eh?

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


Anonymous said...

Blame the captain..
He's suck..
S*******e and emo captain..
Juz throw him away from that ship..
Let him drown in the wide open sea..alone..
Watch him die..coz he worth for it..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Anon:I know who you are..

not everything need a reason.

the sailor has took the oath to stay loyal to the captain

besides im not a killer,u see..

Anonymous said...

then u will sink with this useless captain..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@mr.anon:there's no other options either

Anonymous said...

i'll be your male black swan..together live this worthless pieces of trash..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@mr.anon:i'll have a lot to explain to my readers later bout this.

why im soo stupid..pffftt

Anonymous said...

like I said..juz throw him away..let him die alone on his journey..(u may delete my comment my dear lovely lily)..May Peace Be Upon Us..

A kiss for u that is sorrowful..
A goodbye for u that is loved..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@mr.anon:dont u do dare to say goodbye...

Abang Zam said...

ape sial kena tembak ngn anon?


aku nmpak kau komen kat yuyun punya entry pasal cupecake..ape doh!


Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Abang Zam:that anon is my stupid fiancee okay...sori kmi bergaduh kat sini..hahaha

kau memang kn...aku baca n klu aku rajin aku komen la...bkn mcm kau...

Abang Zam said... salam fiance palat itu

elee..aku pun rajin jugak la komen..tapi malas nak over bila komen

tak macam kau


Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Abang Zam:ahaha,,ok..nnti aku kirim...

kau memang tak over,kau cuma butthurt yuyun tecik kau je kan...pffttt hahaha

Abang Zam said...

ahahaha..weh..kau tunggu tau..aku tgh deal ngn yuyun tecik nak buat segmen mendidih..die ON


Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@ABAng Zam:ahaha...patutlah..baru aku fhm sikalang...

gud luck darl

Abang Zam said...

thangs beby

ala..kau jgn tacing..aku komen ni kan..entry pagi ni


Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Abang Zam:hahaha..kau pengomen tegar aku.mestilah...aku suruh nuff bayar kau bulan2 ape..klu cek kau tak smpai mknanya nuff penipu la tu...


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