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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hide Away From The Sun.

                   I used to hide from the sun before.

                   But somebody told me that I was too pretty to keep hidden behind the cloak of clouds.Surrounded by infinity of darkness.

                  So I step out.Bathing in the sun.

                 But I was too careless.It was too hot.

                 And I burnt my delicate pale skin.So,I decided to step back.And let the darkness engulf me once again.

                 Maybe it's better to hide away from the sun than trying to satisfy others by burning yourself out there.Somewhere. 

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


dzaro said...

langkah kan saja kaki mu jangan ragu... bersembunyi atau tidak, yang penting anda punya kepercayaan diri penuh...

Rafi Nilhan said...

bena kata kitak.. bagus gik ikut kemahuan kita mpun jak :)

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@dzaro:kalau kepercayaan itu tinggal separuh maka bagaimana ya?

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@rafi nilhan:ya betul

kdg2 susah nk puaskan hati semua

so give it a rest then.

thanks bro!

✿ gadis biasa ✿ said...

for me
it is price u have to pay when u try to satisfied others..u are hurt urself..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@gadis biasa:yes you are absolutely right.

deeply hurt

✿ gadis biasa ✿ said...

when u choose to step out from the room
u have to ready urself that u urself might BURN ur skin

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@gadis biasa:oh yes,maybe i should bring the sunblock with me...

hisyyii forgot about it


✿ gadis biasa ✿ said...

it will effected u nothing when u used it frequently :((

perhaps..kepanasan from the sun too much and ur sunblock cant give u good protection.

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@gadis biasa:so instead of sunlight i should bath myself in the moonlight

yes,i should try at least...just to make sure


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