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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Because Words Just Doesn't Enough.

                    Hurt brings pain.Pain leads men to hate.And with hate,men stand up tall to bring their hatred to this world.

                    In contrast.

                    Hurt brings pain.Pain leads women to love.And their love change this world by itself without they have to even lift up a finger.

                    That's why God took out a rib from Adam to create Eve while he was asleep.For if he was awake,the pain will surely make him hate Eve more than anything else.Taken from Genesis 2:21-22.

                    But even in the most excruciating pain,the labor,women are awake.Why?Because women learn to love through pain.The more pain they get,the more love they give.Because they have gone through the pain thus they know how bad it hurts.And how they didnt want others to experience the same pain as them.

                    These explain why women are more sensitive than men.These explain why they are willing to wait even if they are the one who cut up a tie in order to make sure that their beloved will be alright without them.These explain why behind every man's laugh,there is woman who quietly sheds her tears.

                     Happy Mother's Day,Mommy.But I didnt say those words.Not because I'm too coward to spell it out.Not because I'm too full and proud of myself.It's just because sometimes words aren't enough to convey how I feel.I dont care what others might say.Hate me or love me but just dont kick my dogs!

                     To all men,do wish your mothers.Dont give excuses unless you are about to change your sex to female.Hang Buat Elok-elok Sikit,Aku Hawin Kot Tingkap Satgi Kot Baru Tahwan.

Nota Kaki:To my fiance,wish for your maybe-future-mother-in-law sudah.Dont be emo about this.Wanna some megi honey?

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


Abang Zam said...

tapi ade gadis yg keras batu konon bile dah di sakiti, bajet terus mati hati untuk lelaki

wtf eh

kau macam tu?

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Abang Zam:taklah

aku takkan benci org yg aku dah syg so sweet right

WTH eh..hhaahaha

✿ gadis biasa ✿ said...

that is the Y men easy to hate and women hardly find "reason" to hate..

created EVE from rib..close to heart..bukan utk disakiti,bukan utk dibenci..tapi untuk disayangi

lelaki..sila belajar menyayangi lebih dari membenci :)

Headmaster said...

hawin tgk kot berani.kot satgi kena palu tang daie baru da kai.

Mr Fiance said...

Kpd bakal mak mertua ku..slmt ari ibu..thanx sbb didik my miss salvatore jd sorg yg sweet dan ska m'belit aku dgn kata2nya..hehe

Megi hny spruh dr hobi tahu..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@gadis biasa:yes dear

lelaki belajar myayngi?errr...susah tu

their nature tend to hate more

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@headmaster:hamboi main kasaq nampak...

libaih dgn tali pinggang satgi kut.. lawak ja nohh..

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Mr Fiance:eh...ur miss salvatore sgt sweet than honey actually

sparuh dr hobi?yg sparuh lagi hapa?


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