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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do Not Put A High Expectation On Me.

                Firstly don't put any expectation on anything or anyone because expectation is the road to frustation.

                      Jangan follow aku sebab ada satu entry aku yang betul-betul buat korang gelak.

                Jangan follow aku sebab ada entry aku yang buat korang rasa sick and emotional.

                Jangan follow aku sebab korang kawan aku.

                Jangan follow aku sebab rasa simpati.

                      Jangan follow aku sebab korang a psychiatrist-in-the-making sebab aku tak perlukan apa-apa nasihat.

                      Aku tak perlukan apa-apa.Tidak lagi.

                    DiGi,jangan pos lagi tiket concert Justina Bieber ke rumah aku or I'll sue your company and everyone in it.I swear I will.

                    Do not put any expectation on me or my blog because I tend to frustrated every person who did.I  do not want to end up frustrated you too.

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


Abang Zam said...

kau tuju kat aku ke?
tak terasa pun

Silent said...


Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Abang Zam:firstly,trimas sudi baca.
secondly,tak,klu aku tuju kt kau aku tulis tajuk,"ENTRY UNTK ABG ZAM."
itu sje,sekian.tengs.

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...


NuRuL MoHaMaD said...

x la. . .
memang minat dan sonok baca. . .
bkn satu entri, tapi dah bace sume entri jugak. . .
tengs,make me :)

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Nurul eh lagi.trimas sangat.arigatou gozaimasu.I appreciate masa anda yg diluangkan di belog ini.;)

Ahza Altimas said...

I start with zero.
have plain heart to paint and i do it with very self concious.
of course i enjoy every words spell out there.
and it part of my life.

people come.
they give me compliment.
and i start drowning.
and lost my very own preciousness; my self.

end up.
i delete my blog.
i hate people following me; cause most of them are touch and go; and never return.
that simply a cheating of honesty; and the remain there (as silent followers) forever; cause they never care as much as i did.

and i start all over again.
start with a plain one; again.

reach one point, delete again.

3rd blog.

and now; be an abandon blogger by myself.


never related to your entry.
sorry then.

it just my bad of mouth.

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Ahza Altimas:your words..something to think about eh..

Ahza Altimas said...

sometimes we killed by expectation;
lost the soul before they start breathing.

one way out;
be a great ignorant.

you are the paint-brush yourself, and you colour your own canvas to express the best in you.

it is up to you to listen to others or not, but ultimately you are the affected party.

are we self guidance to the destiny?
hey, what you expect from our very own self; perfectly imperfect human being.
of course the answer is NOT.
thus, Allah grant us the Quran and the guide from Rasullullah.

sound cliche?
yeh, i am typical average joe out there.

do i sound like psychiatrist-in-the-making.
sorry if i do.
you can always delete my comment again and again rite landlord?


have a great day girl.
life is too short to care much about problem.
find solution.
and Allah have every single answer if we care much to find.

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Ahza Altimas:i am not a landlord.just a mere writer.and no,you didnt sound like a psychiatrist to-be...thanks for taking your time to read and comment.I appreciate that.


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