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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The World Without Pain.

               When I was digging the grave,halfway through,I realised that there's somebody  behind me.He stood there like a statue,staring coldly at me.

               "I can help you,"he said to me.

               I smirked at him,"No you cant.Nobody can."

               "Well said,but I can take those pain away.I can heal you like nobody can."He gave a grim smile to me.

               I didnt say anything.I continue to dig while he was observing each and every steps of mine just like he was waiting for the right opportunities to speak.

               "You know,6 feet down there isnt a pleasant home for young girl like you.It's cold,and dark.Very.And you'll be alone.Solitary isnt a good thing.It can drive you crazy in no time."

              I stopped digging and stared at him.

              "I can help you.I can turn you into one of my kind.Then you are free to close your heart and ignore your pains if you want to."His pale face was glowing as if he can forcast that his plan began to work.

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!

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