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Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Our Miss Hyde.

                Actually tajuk yang sebenarnya ialah Mari Berkenalan Dengan Penulis Belog Ini #3(Last part).Ini adalah sambungan dari entri INI dan YANG INI juga  .Dan sebenarnya juga kami tidak bercakap mengenai penulis belog yang terakhir ini.Just like people in Hogwarts afraid to mention Voldermort's name,begitu juga kami tidak akan menyebut nama "dia".But we can refer to her as Unknown or sometimes I called her A.M. when she's in good mood just to "mengusik" her.

                Just in case you assumed that this is a very adorable,amazingly santai and gila-gila blog,unwillingly I have to warn you that sometimes the entries may sound as sick as ever or it may choke you to half death because or her.Well,her-who-you-know-whom.We do not speak of her name,remember?

                 Her-who-you-know-whom will write anything that she want.She couldnt care less about others.Or should I say that she really didnt care at all.You may say what you want,think what you may and read whilst you can.She didnt care even if you want to bark unstoppably at her,if you want to use the foulest words of all the foulest,or even the whole world is against her.Really,she didnt care.Even if she has to stand alone,if she has to, then she will.For her own satisfaction,she would, even she has to crawl into the deepest of hell.For her agony and her pride,she would even if it takes her to crumble and crush her own world.

                Kinda creepy isnt she?To us,she's more than creepy.She is our Miss Hyde.If she said NO then there's no further negotiation is acceptable.If she said YES,then there's no need for her to give any explanation.It's just as simple as that.To make you understand more of her-who-you-know-whom's personalities,let me give you an example.A simple one.Okay,so it goes like this.She can say that she loves you and stabs you with the sharpest knife at the same time.She meant it when she said I love You and she meant it too when she stabbed you right in your heart.You will know she meant it when you are barely breathing and half dying and she stood there watching you died slowly.You may believe if you wanted to.But believe me,she actually can.

                In a nutshell,she actually can close all her sympathy feelings and strutting proudly just like a hippogriff eventhough you begged her to death.If she said NO,then it's a NO.No negotiation needed.She is unpredictable.Too unpredictable.But somehow eventhough she is mean and acts more evil than a devil to you,there's big probability that you will actually begin to like her.Yes,like..seriously.

                 The entries that she wrote sometimes just too sick to even be looked at.We barely managed to read it(we read it because we have to).Her anguish of life,her paroxysm of grief,her agony of death,her bitter world,her severe dejected words are just sometimes too hard to believe and understand.Therefore we felt sorry for those who accidentally read her entries.I doubt that there will ever be people who actually love her-who-you-know-whom's entries.

                So is there anybody who actually like to "berkenalan" with her?Well seriously I doubt there would be.

Nota Kaki:We here referred to HER and  HER .

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


Dzarief Zuhdi said...

well, i dun mind "berkenalan" with her-who-me-know-whom.. haha.. :D

cik tikah said...

ok, gmbr tuh sgt scary =.='

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@dzarief zuhdi:well sure...suit yourself then..

thanks for droppin by

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@cik tikah:believe me..there's a lot of pictures that are more scarier than that.

btw you are always welcome here :)

(the naked writer) said...

wow...damn it

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@the naked writer:well...hello.


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