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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


                 I think I'm cramping and gonna die.Cramping disebabkan duduk terlampau lama dan balut-balut popiah.Sampai satu tahap aku merasakan aku sudah berada di kilang not in my house anymore.It's not easy you know,it's not one or two tiny pieces,but I think it's about 1600-2000 pieces and still counting till now.

                Why?The reason is so simple like you eat maggi without cooking it first.So actually I think (rasanya) I've got a sister who wont be coming back in this coming Eid and she had (excitedly and half demanding) sent me a list consisted of what she wanna eat during that one-in-a-year day.Because she will not do the "balik kampung" routine therefore she cannot get the Eid's feelings and therefore we(included me unwillingly) have to send her that feelings with the accessories(kuih raya,kad,lampu,mercun,bunga api,lagu raya,baju raya and lain-lain lagi yang berkaitan dengan raya) together.

                She said that "cuti terlalu pendek dan dia terlalu jauh" so it's not worth(berbaloi) untuk dia balik.She said that in an awfully sounded voice like she wanna cry her lungs out.I'm fully sure that she is gonna really cry her lungs out during Eid.Well you know,it's dreadfully awful to celebrate Eid by yourself (without family) eventhough you got your friends with you but the feeling is still there.That tremendously terrible feelings.But telling you what,I really couldnt care less if I were in her shoes.Eid,celebrated or not celebrated sama sahaja bagi aku.No different.I dont know why.It's just that persiapan hari raya yang aku tunggu-tunggukan setiap tahun,not the hari raya itself.

                 Berbalik cerita tormenting aku tadi.So,it's really a torment to sit for hours and wrapping those tiny,tiny you know,not big,not medium,it's that tiny popiah(like popiah reben or whatever its name I dont know).During the first few minutes,you will get the "high and syiok" feeling just like you are an artist who try to create his first artwork,then after 45 minutes you will get this I-think-I'm-gonna-cramp feeling,after an hour or more you will really go cramp and eventually die(actually just cramp not die).

               Though you have already cramped and half-mobilized,there's still thousand of those wrappers(kulit popiah) in front of you.Hence,you still need to continue on wrapping it until you collapsed.That wasnt the worst part of it.The worst part comes when you have to prevent(stop)yourself from getting I-wanna-break-my-fast-and bite-those-things-now feeling.To add the spices to this tormenting moment,my little sister(about 5 or something) quietly sat in front of me while syrupping(minum dengan bunyi shryuppp shryuppp) her "Milo Ais."Unfortunately my mom was there too.If not,then I'm surely gonna take part in syrupping that Milo Ais.Okay..okay.Just kidding.There's no hell way I'm gonna do that.

             So after hours and hours of that torturing moments,finally....finally we made it.Finally.Thank God that He actually saves me from dying because of cramping.Sista,you really have to give me a BIG thank for this.Seriously.I mean it.

it supposed to look delicious(when you're fasting of course)

May Peace Be Upon Us. 

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


FaiZaH Fyn said...

haha rajin gila ko..kesabaran teruji di bulan puasa :)

duraneyisyah said...

you ROCKKKK! i didnt know how to make it either. hahaha. u r so sweet sarah.

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@Faizah Fyn:tak teruji sebenarnya terpaksa diuji.....huhuhu T_T

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@duraney my honey:THANKSSSS!!!

P/s:an honest advice;better dont do it.


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