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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Speechless Sunday 6:I Swear I'd Kiss You.

                If you give me this.See...that thing above.I swear I'd kiss you.I fuckingly swear I will.

Nota Kaki:Okay..okay..just kidding okay.I'm not going to kiss anyone or somebody is gonna kill me for sure.Oh...and to my Mr-you-know-who-you-are,I'm so damn sorry but you know what,just stop testing me.I'm not a subject.Just so you know,I fuckingly will do everything that you'd asked me to if only you believe I will.This is not about being egotistic isnt it?You knew it didnt you?The problem now is you didnt believe me that's why you keep on testing.I didnt mad,just dissapointed.Very.If you keep doing this,I'd bite you.I swear I will.

Wait....On the second thought,I cant bite you.I'm fasting.Haisyhhh...this is getting complicated.There must be a way....think ....think

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!


Penulis Bogel (the naked writer) said...

biarlah, dia ada cara dia...jaga perempuan ni macam main layang2...lepaskan benang bila angin tenang, tarik benang kalau angin kuat...erk, kau fhm x?

Sarah Sayuri Hartnett said...

@the naked writer:erkkk...ya aku faham.kena pandai bajet bila nak tarik atau lepaskan...klu tak kena masanya...then...

lgpun aku tak suka menjadi layang-layang.aku gayat kau tahu.



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