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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Crystal Heart.

                 I woke up then realised that the crystal heart was no longer by my side.I had crushed it,somehow.I couldnt figure it out how,but I did.I wailed at the side of the scattered crystal hoping that somehow...somehow those tiny pieces will stick themselves together again just like a puzzle but it didnt.

                 Weeping uncontrollably,I looked upon her."I'm sorry,"I said sobbingly."I didnt mean to break it.I dont just..."

                  She gazed at me.At one moment I thought I could see that,just like the broken crystal heart,she was,somehow falling apart too.

                  "You cant stick it back with a glue nor join it together with cellotape.It's a crystal.It cannot be mended.Once it has been broken,then you can consider that everything is over."

                 "What...what should we do now?"I was too anxious and too scared after hearing that.

                 "Well,what else can you do with broken things anyway?You throw them out,of course!"Somebody else answered it for her.

                 " can we throw it away?It was afterall..."That somebody's answer was beyond our understanding.

                 "Yes,of course,it was afterall,the one and only heart that we have.Do you two know what it means?"That Somebody smirked at us.

                  "It means that, because of it has been broken,then we wont have a heart any longer.This is unbelievably extraordinary exciting news!!"Somebody mocked out loud after finishing her sentences.

                   She,on the other hand,stared at me sympatically whilst I cannot move my eyes from the sight of that broken crystal.I was too anguish to believe yet it was too true not to believe.

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!

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