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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Place Called HOME


I’m Sarah  Sayuri Hartnett and this is my story.....

                   I’m not Clark Kent@Superman who is an alien from Planet Krypton.Neither do I have any what soever relationship with the Kryptonians.Clark never has a hometown.He didnt even know what is his home looks like.So...Guess what?

                   Like everyone else,I also have a place which I can call home.I was born in Malaysia.I’m a Malaysian and I’m proud of that.Kedah,a state in Malaysia is my hometown.

                   I guess everyone love their hometown for some reasons.Maybe because they were born there,they have all their good and happy childhood memories there or maybe it's just because they feel like they have to love it.I mean it’s their hometown, right?Who  actually dont love their own home? But for me,I really like Kedah.It may or may not be my hometown but still I just love it.The people...The accent,The food and the warm  feeling that you couldnt get anywhere else.I found every of that here.To put simply,it feels like a home.

                   Kedah was well known as Malaysia’s Rice Field.From that given name, I think you can guess what mostly you can find here.Rice.Of course!But everywhere?Hell,no!I mean if you ever come here,I can assure you that you first step wouldnt be on a field of rice. Nothing can be as good as nature.Who do not want to breathe a fresh air?To enjoy a green scenery with few noises(mostly come from insects and bird)?Or  to  see the bluest sky ever without those polluted grey clouds?I really love to do all that.And I’m quite sure you will too.

                   Why I tell you all of this?Do I want you to come and visit this place?Hell,no! It’s  just because this is all about me...isnt it?’s just because I dont really know what to write.I do love to write but sometimes the idea just dont want to come out in words.

                   And talking about Kedah’s accent....It’s rare,very interesting,very beautiful and something may sound funny.But,that what precious  things are.It’s unique.You cannot find it elsewhere.Well,let see....An example maybe help you to get it.Let take a word out of the dictionary.

                        Throw, I suggest.Cannot find its mean?For Godsake,go and find a dictionary!In Malay,we may call it Buang or Lempar,right?But that didnt happen in Kedah.There we say this : Punggai,Baling,Tengalungor Hawin.You didnt find it interesting enough?Another example will help you I guess.

                   What about Sleep?  We call it as Tidur in Malay.No specification,right?But in Kedah,there is.Most of its accent is specified.Precisely.That ‘s what make it unique.Okay...Here it go.If it’s just a standard normal sleep like many other,we in Kedah call it as Tidoq but in case you want to refer to people who sleep too much or sleep at the wrong time or you are angry at them at that time you just go ahead and say it as : Mereluh. Now what do you think? There are also a few words that I think I should list it here for you to view.

Kedah’s Accent
In Malay
Slippery road or groud usually after rain.
to bite someone
to become careless
to tell someone
to do something with your whole effort
getah pemadam

                   There’s a lot more but that is for now.So...let continue with myself.If only you are still interest to read.

                   I was born on 3rd of April 1991.I’m an Aries and I’m glad to be so.Why?Because most of Aries tend to lead,to become a leader I mean.I really hope I’m one of them.And people who were born as Aries also tend to do be perfectionists.They want all their works to be as perfect as it can ever be.Sadly come the problem.They also have a habit to leave some work unfinished!oh....I wish I dont have to say this but it’s kinda true.The facts about Aries.It’s quite freaky.

                   Oh...It seems that I cannot put my idea into words anymore.But I wont say that I’ll stop here.I wont stop.Because hell you know....this is my page and this is about-me column.Why should I stop anyway?So,see you later I guess.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally.

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