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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Song Of The Black Nightingale.

 One night,when a nightmare woke me up,I heard a soft sound coming from my window.It was a beautiful sound.I was afraid and amazed at the same time.Who or what was it?After a while,my ears began to recognize that it was a bird.There was a bird outside my window and it was humming a beautiful but melancolic song.It must be a nightingale.I hurried to the window pane to catch a glimpse of it but I could find no nightingale.There was only a black crow on the branch.Feeling a bit dissapointed,I was about to get back to bed when the sound started again.

I desperately tried to search for the owner of that song but I could find not a single soul except the ugly crow.To my astonishment,that sound actually came from him.I opened the window to let him in.Just like he can read my thoughts,he rushly flew in.I offered him my hand and he consently sat on it.We stared at each other for a while before he began to sing again.While he's singing,I'm still pondering.

 "It was actually you.I really thought it's a nightingale because I never know that an ugly creature like you can actually sing.But,it was okay.Since I cant get a nightingale,I will make you my nightingale.Besides,I think that we were destined to meet.You and me."

May Peace Be Upon Us.

Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!

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