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Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday,after forever,she came to see me.Just when I thought I wont see even her silhouettes anymore. She dragged me to a cliff.As high and tough it could be,but I never shed a sweat for I am not afraid. 

Or I ought to say that I just cant feel whatever I should be feeling any more.I told her so but she just smiled.It seems like it’s going to take forever before she actually believed what I said.She was a bit anxious as she examined me properly .Maybe I wasn’t what she thought I used to be.

“You shouldn’t suppose to be like this!” she shouted frantically at me.I say nothing.I didn’t even looked at her.But should I did,then I knew exactly what she’ll look like.A non-human look.A grotesque look.More than an ogre perhaps.

“I know.I’m sorry.”That’s all I said.

Aggravated by what I just said,she pushed me aside.To the edge.The very edge of the cliff.

“As we have come to this,this is all that’s left.”She pointed her finger straight ahead.Just by that,I understand perfectly what she’s saying.

“It’s whether you push me down,or I’m going to push you down.The consequence is just the same.In the last part of this very story, we are both going to die.So,choose!” She gave a ghostly smile to me.

“You know my choice,don’t you?”

She smiled contently. And after a long stillness,I found myself smiling too.

May Peace Be Upon Us.



Live,Laugh,Die Emotionally!

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